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Two AIRCO Toys and Gifts Worlds Open for Business at Terminal 3 of BCIA
2017/8/5 10:40:00



       For the purposesof further optimizing the commercial resources at different terminals of BeijingCapital International Airport (“BCIA”) and meeting passengers’ shopping demand,two AIRCO Toys and Gifts Worlds were recently opened at Terminal 3 of BCIA.

       Thetwo toys and gifts stores opened this time are located in the central businesssection and in the western end the retail bridge of the domestic secured areaat Terminal 3 of BCIA respectively, and mainly sell products in fourcategories, namely, toys for kids, fashionable backpacks, travel accessoriesand electronic products. When preparing for the openings, Beijing CapitalAirport Commercial & Trading Co., Ltd. (“ACT”) selected nearly 400 productsof 30 brands, including Gabriel, LEGO, Travel Blue, Jabra and B&O, whichare preferred by customers and whose sales are ranking high.

       Accordingto sources, the two toys and gifts stores provide passengers in the sectionwith more shopping choices. Going forward, ACT will keep expanding its product portfolio,optimize passengers’ shopping experiences, improve the value of the businessresources at different terminals, and serve each and every passenger sincerely.



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